Bangladesh to impose 7-day nationwide lockdown amidst spike in COVID-19 cases

The People’s Republic of Bangladesh government on Saturday set to impose a week-long nationwide internment from Mon as COVID-19 cases and deaths surged across the country.

Road Transport Minister Obaidul Quader created the announcement at a media making known in Dhaka on Saturday, the Dhaka apsis newspaper reportable.

Bangladesh on weekday logged 6,830 new cases of the coronavirus, the best count in a very day, taking the tally of infections to 624,594. The cost climbed by 50% in 24 hours to 9,155, in keeping with information discharged by the government.

In a bid to arrest the unfold of the coronavirus, the govt. has set to enforce seven-day internment from Monday because the coronavirus cases and deaths square measure stormy across the country, Quader, conjointly the overall secretary of the ruling Awami League, said. However, the order doesn’t apply to utility and emergency services. Factories can stay open and employees will work shifts by following hygiene rules, the report aforementioned. ”Every workplace and court are closed throughout this internment however industries and mills can continue their operation on rotation,” State Minister for Public Administration Farhad Hossain was quoted as voice communication by the Dhaka apsis. Asked why industries won’t be closed, the minister said: ”If we have a tendency to shut the mills then the employees might got to leave their workstations and head for home.”

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