Record highway build pace result of govt’s industry-friendly steps: Analysts

The best pace of road construction in FY21– it touched associate degree uncomparable high of 36.4 km/day within the year – is that the results of a slew of industry-friendly measures that the government has taken throughout the pandemic year to confirm higher income to the contractors, analysts say.

Even though there was no construction within the 1st twenty days of April 2020 thanks to the Covid-induced internment, all capital punishment agencies, together with the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), in conjunction with created a record of 13, 298-kilometer highways in 2020-21, up from 10,237 kilometers in 2019-20.

Jagannarayan Padmanabhan, the director of, Crisil Infrastructure consultive, said, “Measures like reducing the performance guarantee and emotional the surplus cash helped contractors in their money flows. the government additionally discharged all unfinished payments and if truth be told, nudged corporations to realize their milestone and find the payments in associate degree accelerated manner. These brought in confidence to the market participants, that light-emitting diode to accelerated development.”

Over the years, the ministry has evolved a sturdy project observation system to trace the progress of construction and pro-actively interact in finding problems. accessibility of land and lesser movement of the general public additionally helped in dashing of construction, Padmanabhan aforesaid.

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