FASTags made mandatory! Vehicles without tag to pay double toll fee; details

FASTags usage created necessary for vehicles from February 15 midnight! If any vehicle is found while not a FASTag, it’ll be charged quite the toll quantity at electronic toll plazas across the country, the government aforementioned on Sunday. In line with a release issued by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, with impact from the hour of 15/16 February 2021, all lanes within the fee plazas on National Highways (NHs) are declared as “FASTag lane of the fee plaza”. Therefore, any vehicle while not FASTag or vehicle while not valid or useful FASTag moving into the toll plaza’s FASTag lane, are charged associate quantity corresponding to twice of the fee applicable to it class, as per New Hampshire Fee Rules 2008.

In a recent statement, it’s been processed by the ministry that this has been done to any promote toll payment through digital mode, offer for a seamless passage through the toll plazas likewise as cut back waiting time and fuel consumption. With impact from one January 2021, Nitin Gadkari chaired Ministry of Road Transport and Highways had mandated the article of furniture of FASTag in class M and N motorized vehicles. in line with the ministry, class ‘M’ of motorized vehicles stands for a motorcar with a minimum of four wheels that are used for carrying folks. whereas motorized vehicles of class ‘N’ symbolize a motorcar with a minimum of four wheels that are utilised for carrying product, that additionally to product might also carry folks.

The FASTag or National Electronic Toll assortment programme is that the flagship initiative of National Highways Authority of India and therefore the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, that has been enforced on pan Asian country basis in a very bid to eliminate bottlenecks likewise as guarantee seamless movement of traffic and user fee assortment as per the notified rates, exploitation the passive technology of oftenness Identification (RFID).

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