Seagate storage expansion card for Xbox Series X, Series S officially launched in India

Seagate’s 1TB storage enlargement card for Xbox Series X and Series S consoles are on the market in India from February 8 at a worth of Rs 23,499 — for a restricted amount, it’ll be on the market with a ‘promo’ worth of Rs 22,999 though. For those unaware, the Xbox Series X and Series S support custom or proprietary cards for storage enlargement. solely Seagate is creating them for currently with Microsoft still to verify if there’ll be from now on partners.

You can play older titles (and archive new ones) off any USB storage, on the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles, however do detain mind that this can return at the price of losing out on all the next-gen gains. “Designed together with Microsoft, the Seagate enlargement card for Xbox Series X|S is that the solely auxiliary storage device that allows users to realize identical performance because the Xbox rate design once enjoying games that are optimised for next-generation of Xbox consoles,” Seagate same during a handout.

Seagate’s storage enlargement card for Xbox Series X and Series S has been an extended time returning. each the consoles were launched in India on November 10, though it’s been extraordinarily tough to catch a hold of them since the primary spherical of sales. within the meantime, Sony has additionally – finally – launched the PlayStation five in India that, just like the new Xbox consoles, additionally supports expandable storage with the sole distinction that it supports expandable storage with regular NVMe laptop drives that square measure easier to search out and, more cost-effective.

That is simply however proprietary school is. You primarily pay ‘extra’ for its one-of-its-kind expertise. each the Xbox Series X and Series S have a zealous slot – that’s additional accessible – for the Seagate storage enlargement card, whereas the PS5 needs some manual assembly for enlargement. Then again, the PS5 doesn’t support storage enlargement however – this can are available in future update, Sony has confirmed.

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