Telegram to start charging users for some features in 2021, announces founder Pavel Durov

Telegram regarding|is ready} to urge paid options next year! Message founder Russia’s Pavel Durov proclaimed on weekday that the courier is nearing about five hundred active users. Taking to his channel on message, Durov same that at this scale, comes typically need many uncountable bucks to sustain. So far, Durov had been managing the expenses on his own, as a result of message had been providing all options for free of charge. However, now, he said, that the courier has reached a stage wherever it desires acceptable funding as a result of it’s close to reach uncountable users.

Durov explicit that at now, project house owners square measure typically moon-faced with 2 choices – either to sell the corporate or to start out earning enough to create up for the value.

He vehemently rejected the concept of commercialism message, citing the instance of WhatsApp, that was sold-out by its founders to social media big Facebook. He additionally assured that the 8-year-old project would sustain for a protracted time, and persevere adding to the options it’s already brought in, viz, encryption, simplicity, speed, practicality yet because the style.

He then proclaimed that so as to continue the pace of growth, message would begin creating revenue from 2021, that he assured would be tired a non-intrusive manner with most users not even noticing any changes. He additionally explicit that options that square measure free presently, would still stay free, whereas some new options would be additional for power users and business groups. These options, he said, would be in would like of a lot of resources, and thus would be bought by premium users, whereas the regular users would still relish message for free of charge “forever”.

Durov additionally assured that the components of the courier that square measure dedicated to electronic messaging, like matched chats and teams, would stay freed from ads, as he believes that communication between folks mustn’t be noncontinuous by any types of advertisements.

He additionally explicit that message, that offers public channels permitting one-to-many conversations with uncountable subscribers, has seen these channels being employed to show ads through that channel house owners earn cash. Sometimes, these ads square measure even displayed exploitation third party platforms, he said, and that they appear as if regular messages, changing into intrusive. to repair this, message would be launching its own advertising platform for these channels, and this platform, Durov said, would be easy yet as respectful of the users’ privacy. Moreover, it’d permit the courier to hide the value of traffic yet as servers.

To any sell the purpose, he same that the paid feature would permit channel house owners to urge free traffic proportionate to their sizes. Moreover, he additional that if message were to launch premium stickers having a lot of communicatory options, artists creating these stickers would additionally get a cut within the profit.

These measures, Durov declared, would permit the courier to bring a lot of innovations whereas additionally adhering to the values that it’s upheld over the years.

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