Bigg Boss 14 contestant Rahul Vaidya proposed his girlfriend Disha Parmar on the show.

In the recent episode ( November 11, Wednesday) of Bigg Boss 14, one of the contestant, singer Rahul Vaidya proposed to his girlfriend on national television on the occasion of her birthday. At the end of the proposal Rahul asked Disha to give him a answer in any way possible.

Since the promo of the proposal episode was released, another video of Disha responding to Rahul’s proposal has gone viral.

In the video the television actress can be seen surrounded by her friends, and she says, “you know how special today is, so I’m just glowing, ” while someone behind the camera says, ” Of course, because of us na? ” Disha blushes and responds, ” Yeah, obviously, what you thought?” The person off camera says, ” I thought someone proposed you on national television. ”

In the episode, Rahul with the help of other housemates does an adorable gesture for Disha, with “Happy Birthday Disha” and “Marry Me? ” written on a white T-shirt. He goes down on his knees and proposes Disha with a ring.

He says, “I have known this girl for last two years, her name is Disha Parmar. I have never been so nervous! Disha! I think you are the most beautiful person in the world. I have no clue why I took so long to ask you: Will you marry me? “All the housemates cheer him by singing and dancing around him.


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