Aditya Narayan : “I wish I wasn’t the son of Udit Narayan and then people would’ve taken me more seriously.”

Out of the many debates the one about nepotism is a never ending one. Recently legendary singer Udit Narayan’s son Aditya Narayan landed into a situation where he had to explain people the consequences about being a insider or outsider. He says for people who think that life is easier for insiders but they need to understand that the grass might be greener on the other side.

In an interview he says, “First let me address those who think I’m privileged and would love to have the life I have, I pray with all my heart ki aagle janam mein woh koi bade insaan ka beta bane. When you want to become a cricketer, actor, engineer, doctor, and one of your parents have been a master in the field, you’d know how difficult it becomes for their children, ”

Expressing about the barriers he has to face Aditya adds, “There have been times when I wish I wasn’t the son of Udit Narayan and then people would’ve taken me more seriously, and I would’ve been able to prove my point. I’ve also thought if my father wasn’t one of the most accomplished musicians in the country, there would’ve been things left for me to achieve. And above everything else, comes the pressure of expectations and comparisons.”

With the help of success ratios, Aditya feels people from the outside are doing quiet well currently.

The young singer actor further adds, “If you think about the popular singers, actors, lyricist, directors, most of them don’t have a background in the industry. I agree it’s easier for us to get the first opportunity, but this industry is commerce driven. Only people who can churn profit will be employed. Talent is if course an essential criteria but unless your films or songs make profit, you’re nothing, ”

Referring to his career graph so far, he states valid reason for why his TV career as a host is far more better than his music career.

“TV shows that I’ve been hosting have been doing well. I might be a good host but what actually is working in my favor is my shows getting good TRPs and sponsorship. Success has nothing to do with you being an insider or outsider. “

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