Stop comparing Rishabh Pant to MS Dhoni, he has a lot to improve : Gautam Gambhir.

Gautam Gambhir, India’s former batsman urged media to stop comparing Rishabh Pant to Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Rishabh displayed an utterly poor performance in his 12 IPL matches this season. Gautam’s statement came after knowing that Pant has slammed just 285 runs in IPL 2020.

Gambhir in his statement said, “First of all, you have to stop saying that Rishabh Pant is the next MS Dhoni. That is one thing which media needs to stop doing it. The more media talks about it, the more Rishabh Pant starts thinking on those chances. He can never be MS Dhoni. He has to be Rishabh Pant. ”

“MS Dhoni probably had so much of range when he came on to international sixes. With Rishabh Pant, only because he could hit those big sixes and stuff, people started comparing him with someone like MS Dhoni. Rishabh Pant has a lot to improve, especially from the keeping point if views and from the batting point of view as well, ” he added further.

Rishabh Pant made it to the Indian Cricket team due to his commendable performance in domestic cricket but, since his selection he has failed to prove himself. Because of the same reasons, he was excluded from Australia tour’s limited overs series .

Aakash Chopra, former Indian cricketer and now an expert, explained that Pant need to first understand his own game and become comfortable in his own style of playing. “Pant comes across as someone who is confused about his roles and responsibilities towards his own game. I’m not talking about what the team or the situation demands of hik but just his comfort with his own style of play.”



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