Jyotiraditya Scindia a BJP leader urged the crowd to click the “hand” button in Madhya Pradesh bypolls.

On Saturday while campaigning in a BJP rally for the party’s Imarti Devi, Jyotiraditya Scindia by mistake appealed people to vote for the Congress party.

Scindia’s video in which he is seen asking the masses to click on the “hand” symbol in the elections that will be conducted on November 3 in Madhya Pradesh, has gone viral on the internet.

Jyotiraditya was earlier a part of the Congress party, along with 22 other loyal MLAs he left the party in March 2020 , which eventually led to the fall of Congress administration in Madhya Pradesh.

Scindia in the slip of tongue says, “…. close your fists and assure us that kn November 3, the hand button will be pressed and Cong….. (later after realising his mistake, he corrects himself) the lotus button will be pressed…. ”

Taking a dig at Scindia, the Madhya Pradesh Congress tweeted, ” Scindia ji, the people of Madhya Pradesh assure you that they will hit the hand symbol on November 3.”

“The Commission under Article 324 of the Constitution of India and all other powers enabling in this behalf, also bars Imarti Devi, from holding, anywhere in Madhya Pradesh, any public meetings, pubic processions, public rallies, road shows and interviews, public utterances un media (electronic, print, social media), in connection with the ongoing elections for one day on 1 November,” stated the order by poll panel.

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