Kangana addressed Uddhav Thackeray as ” The worst product of nepotism”.

On Monday, actress Kangana Ranaut took a dig at Maharashtra’s Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray , a day after he spoke about her during Shiv Sean’s annual Dussehra rally. The Bollywood actress described the Chief Minister as the “worst product of nepotism”.

Taking to her Twitter, Kangana wrote, ” Raut called me Haramkhor now Uddhav called me namak haram, he is claiming I won’t get food in my state if Mumbai does not give me shelter, shame on you I am your son’s age this is how you speak to a self made single woman, Cheif Minister you are the worse product of nepotism.”

“Cheif Minister I am not drunk on my father’s power and wealth like you, if I wanted to be a nepotism product I could have stayed back in Himachal, I hail from a renowned family, I didn’t want to live off on their wealth and favours, some people have self-respect and self-worth,” the actor added.

In an attack on the actor during the annual rally, on Sunday Thackeray said, “Those who come to Mumbai for bread and butter are abusing Mumbai by comparing it with PoK. ”

“You are not able to put your foot in PoK. But if a PoK is being created in a country that is ruled by Modi, then it is the failure of the PM and not of the state.” He also addressed Kangana Ranaut as “namak haram”.

Defending her home town, after CM’s “Ganja fields in Himachal jibe” tweet, Kangana replied by tweeting, “You being a leader having such a vengeful, myopic and ill informed views about a state which had been the adobe of Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati along with many great saints like Markandya and Manu Rishi, Pandavas spent a large part of their exile in Himachal Pradesh.”

Shiv sena leaders and Kangana have been the talk of the town since the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, due to their frequent arguments.

She also said that, the Maharashtra government was trying to put her behind the bars and accused her of “spreading hate and breaking the brotherhood, integrity of the country” because of her provocative sentence.



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