French fries can promote skin aging

Flawless skin is everyone’s dream. The anti-aging cream and treatments are sometimes harmful for your skin. Here are some food products that you can avoid to have a flawless skin.

Avoiding sun is not the only solution to slower down the aging process of your skin. According to the experts our eating habits and diet is connected to our facial appearance and health of our skin.

Here is list of food you can avid to aging and helps your look a bit younger.

  1. French Fries- according to the experts fried food of French fries in specific which is fried in oil at a high temperature releases free radicals that causes cellular damage to the skin. Skin when exposed to free radicals speeds up the aging process by cross linking which affects the DNA and looses the skin elasticity. The Hugh contents of salt in fries dehydrates the skin and promotes wrinkles.
  2. Sugar- consuming high content of sugar make your skin acne prone. When sugar content elevates the aging process also speeds. It’s recommended to have dark chocolate or fruits to satisfy your craving for sweet.
  3. Butter- one should eat less amount of butter and margarine. Research has proved that butter and margarine have high content of hydrogenated oils that can damage your skin cells. It’s advised to have a little control on the food that you eat to avoid skin damages.
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