Durga Puja is now taking a political turn

This year, Durga Puja is taking a political turn. This argument is now rising between the bengals ruling party Trinamool Congress and BJP. After a heat of argument and controversy Mr Amit Shah inaugurated the Durga Puja last year.

This year BJP is planning to invite Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as the general assembly election is just a month away. But this year Mamta Banerjee Chief minister of Bengal taking advantage of lockdown situation, inaugurated 69 Durga Puja pandals virtually spreading over 10 districts today. This puja will be continued  for next two days virtually, following social distancing norm.

On October 22, Narendra Modi will be attending this Durga Puja virtually and he will be addressing the locals of Bengal on different virtual platforms as part of five days of worship.

Just like a typical Durga Puja is venue is a bit on a high platform with a full size idol of goddess Durga.

This year it is likely that the BJP will organise its own Durga Puja. However the BJP chief Dilip Ghosh made it clear that the party will not have any direct involvement in the Durga Puja.

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