World Porridge Day

Porridge is the universal recognised breakfast recipe that is the tasty as well as healthiest meal.

For oatmeal, the bran is removed from ground oats, while porridge, in the form of a dish or recipe, is named after the type of grain used to make it. An example of this is cornmeal, which is porridge made from corn. In this sameway, porridge made from oats is called oatmeal.

Porridge is universally accepted breakfast reckon. Enrich with nutrition which is quick and easy to make as well as loved by everyone. Oats are full of high fibres, low cholesterol and is a plant bas protein which also contains carbohydrates. October 10 is observed as world porridge day all over the world. Let’s celebrate this day with a simple porridge recipe.

There are different ways to make a porridge. Majority of people like their porridge by adding refined sugar as a sweetening agent. But if you are diet conscious then use fresh fruits, cinnamon and a bit of honey as your sweetening agent. This recipes uses organic oats in their recipes.

Oats manage your cholesterol level as it’s low fat and low cholesterol content. Oats promote weigh loss as it contains height Forbes and protein which is easy for digestion. Oats porridge is an ideal breakfast meal and adding fruits, nuts and seeds make it healthier.

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