Pakistan opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif arrested in money laundering case

On Monday Pakistan’s opposition party leader and PML-N leader was arrested. The Lahore High Court rejected his bail plead for the money laundering case of 7 billion rupees.

Shahbaz is the younger brother of former premier Nawaz Sharif. He was arrested by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) just after a week when they opposition party made allies to hold protest agains Imran Khan’s government.

He is now taken to Lahore’s detention centre and he will be produced to accountability court for his physical remand.

Sardar Ahemd Naeem who headed the Lahore high court’s two member bench denied his bail after listening to the difference of opinion from the NAB’s team and Shahbaz’s lawyer. Last week the government filed money laundering case again Shahbaz and his family. Shahbaz who also served as Chief minister of Punjab from 2008-2018. On September 23, the prime minister alleged that Shahbaz’s sons Hamza and Salam are also involved in money laundering case via their fake accounts as per reports of NAB.

According to Akbar the financial monitoring unit found 177 suspicious transactions from Shahbaz’s family, this initiated the NAB’s investigation.

The company owned by Shahbaz’s and his sons was laundering billions of money through their employees. He even accused them for taking commission in return of party ticket.

Before his arrest Shahbaz’s while addressing media said that Imran Khan what’s him to get arrested.

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