“We are ready to talk to the farmers regarding the farm bills, even at midnight”, says Narendra Singh Tomar.

On Thursday, the current ruling part BJP allegedly said that Congress is doing ‘double-faced politics’ and has also asked Rahul Gandhi to firstly disassociate his party from the 2019 election manifesto in which it has promised what the Modi government has already done. The BJP government is willing to hold talks with the farmers regarding all their concerns about the farm bills.

Narendra Singh Tomar, the agriculture minister and a senior BJP leader emphasized the government’s commitments towards farmers welfare, and asserted that the new measures would bring farmers profitable prices for their produce. Any farmers who are willing to talk to any government representatives in accordance to the farm bills even at midnight, the government is ready, he added.

Responding to the demand of a law that should be bought into existence to ensure that the farmers are not paid any less than the minimum support price when the law is enforced, he stated MSP was an administrative decision of the government and would always remain the same. He raised the question, “why did Congress not being a law during it’s 50 years of rule if it thinks this was necessary? ”

Emphasising upon the Modi government’s pro-farmer policies, he claimed that it has given Rs seven lakh crores to them by purchasing their produce in its six years of governance when compared it was more than two times of the UPA’s 10 years of office. While explaining, Tomar added that due to these bills the farmers will be able to sell their produce even outside their ambit of mandi, and even outside their state at any price.


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