PM Modi says, “Watershed moment in the history of agriculture” after passing of the farm bills.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that passing of the farm bills in the parliament was a ‘watershed moment in the history of Indian agriculture’ as he hailed the laws cleared by the Rajya Sabha and other chaos.

PM Modi expressed his emotions through a tweet, in the tweet he wrote, “A watershed moment in the history of Indian agriculture! Congratulations to our hardworking farmers on the passage of key bills in Parliament, which will ensure a complete transformation of the agriculture sector as well as empower crores of farmers.”

The people in the opposition implied that the government did not have the actual figures and hence to cover it all up, a number of rules have been hampered and violated, as few members raised questions, tore the documents in front of the chairman and in a vulnerable manner tried to grab the microphones of the speakers.

Amidst the debate on the passing of agricultural bills, Derek O’Brien leader of Trinamool Congress along with other opposition members climbed the podium of Chairman, raised slogans and created chaos, he even took the House rule book and teared it in front of the Rajya Sabha deputy Chairman Harivansh Singh.


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