Maharashtra strikes 17,433 COVID-19 cases on Wednesday

taking its total to 8, 25,739. On Tuesday, the state recorded new 15,765 cases and 320 deaths, making a grand total of 8, 08,306. Within 7 days the COVID count increased from 7 lakh to 8 lakh cases.

The state now has crossed 2 lakh on Wednesday while the toll surpassed 25,000 and 292 deaths. The total tally accounts for 25,195 for 38% of deaths in India. Maharashtra has more COVID cases than Peru which is the 5th most-affected country.

Which means if Maharashtra was a county it would mark fifth among nations for COVID cases?

On contrary to this it’s a bit relief for the state because of a slight dip in COVID cases according to the Senior Government officials.

If we consider the record from the last two weeks the positivity rate is back to 19.2%. A senior official said, “This shows the prevalence of the infection and with the addition of a large number of new cases, recovery rate has stagnated to 72.4%.”

According to the state updates, the 292 COVID deaths added in Maharashtra on Wednesday, 201 were from the last two days, 55 from last week, and 36 from the period before.

Soon 50,000 antigen kits would be deployed to boost testing numbers in Mumbai according to Bombay Municipal Cooperation’s Suresh Kakani. RT-PCR will still remain the frontline test but the positivity rate with antigen is just about 4%, whereas that with RT-PCR is much higher. Thus antigen would be used but in measured numbers.

On Wednesday, Pune reported 4,720 cases and 58 deaths, while Mumbai reports 4,553 cases and 81 deaths. The total cases in Mumbai are now 3.4 lakh with 13,007 deaths, while Pune circles have 2.1 lakh cases and 5,314 deaths.

Public health minister Rajesh Tope said that there is more focus on the Pune region and Deputy CM Ajit Pawar is closely monitoring the situations in Pune.

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